Plumbed In Units - "Direct Connect"

Do you have a large thirsty family or a busy business with a lot of parched employees and/or customers?

The Smart Drop direct connect mains fed water cooler could be the solution to supplying a continuous flow of filtered fresh water to your home of business.

By installing a direct connect water cooler you eliminate expensive, heavy and environmentally destructive bottled water systems and utilise the existing mains water supply. Our water coolers will deliver an unlimited supply of pure filtered drinking water 24/7 at the fraction of the cost of bottled water.

"Direct Connect" water coolers are great for libraries, waiting rooms, schools, lunch-rooms, restaurants cafes, warehouses and many more including your home.Mains fed water coolers are what we call Point of Use Water-Coolers or POU and are a direct connect water cooler meaning that they connect directly to your mains water supply and can be installed to supply clean fresh water chilled or at room temperature.

Your existing tap water passes through a premium grade and advanced in-line filtration system where unwanted minerals, chemicals, bad tastes and odours are removed providing you with an unlimited flow of crystal clear water that tastes like water should.

Available in hot or cold units. Installation fees may apply.

"The Smart Drop Direct Connect" - "No more lifting heavy bottles."

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Plumbed In Coolers

Plumbed in water coolers

Take the hassle out of refilling your water chiller by opting for a plumbed in solution. Mains fed water coolers are a direct connect water cooler meaning that they connect directly to your mains water supply. Ask us about our range of counter top and freestanding systems filtration systems and start saving now. More Info

Refillable Water Coolers

Lady filling water cooler

Filtered Fresh Water Coolers are small filtration and purification units that can be easily installed into your home and office, providing you with an unlimited supply of the purest, fresh tasting water at the lowest cost. And with the advantage of no annoyances, environmental or health issues surrounding bottled water. More Info

From $11 Per Week + GST

  • Unlimited pure filtered drinking water.
  • No Obligation 14 day free trial.
  • No setup fees.
  • We replace filters twice a year so you receive and unlimited supply of crystal clear water 24/7.
  • Product advice and Installation is included for the low price of $11 per week + GST.
  • WHS Benefits - "No waiting on deliveries, lifting heavy bottles or storage problems" More Info