Frequent Asked Questions

Why Filtered Water?

What are the advantages of filtered water?

Pure fresh filtered drinking water has amazing health benefits as dehydration can cause headaches, dry skin, tiredness and dizziness. Drinking water regularly throughout the day can also assist in weight loss. Read More

Our filtered water solutions offer you the opportunity to save money as they utilise the existing supply of water in your home or office which means they are extremely cost effective compared to bottled water alternatives. Read More

Is filtered water healthier than bottled water?

Just because water comes out of a bottle it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap. The Natural Resources Defence Council in the US concluded that 25 percent or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle -- sometimes further treated, sometimes not. But are you prepared to take that chance... Read More

Is filtered water cheaper than bottled water?

More expensive than milk, soft drink and even petrol, there’s no doubt that bottled water has pitched itself as a premium product. In fact, you can buy more than 1000L of Sydney tap water for the same cost as a 600ml bottle of Mt Franklin bottled water. But does bottled water trump tap in terms of quality? Probably not..." Read More

Are there contaminants in the tap water supply?

Australian tap water can often make epic journeys from the catchment areas along delivery lines before they reach your local water supply. It is at this time that the water collects contaminants such as fertilisers, pesticides, livestock waste from agricultural industries... Read More

Plumbed In Coolers

Plumbed in water coolers

Take the hassle out of refilling your water chiller by opting for a plumbed in solution. Mains fed water coolers are a direct connect water cooler meaning that they connect directly to your mains water supply. Ask us about our range of counter top and freestanding systems filtration systems and start saving now. More Info

Refillable Water Coolers

Lady filling water cooler

Filtered Fresh Water Coolers are small filtration and purification units that can be easily installed into your home and office, providing you with an unlimited supply of the purest, fresh tasting water at the lowest cost. And with the advantage of no annoyances, environmental or health issues surrounding bottled water. More Info

From $11 Per Week + GST

  • Unlimited pure filtered drinking water.
  • No Obligation 14 day free trial.
  • No setup fees.
  • We replace filters twice a year so you receive and unlimited supply of crystal clear water 24/7.
  • Product advice and Installation is included for the low price of $11 per week + GST.
  • WHS Benefits - "No waiting on deliveries, lifting heavy bottles or storage problems" More Info